Everest in May – Day 21

You don’t really conquer a mountain, you conquer yourself. You overcome sickness and everything else – your pains, aches, fears – to reach the summit.

Jim Whittaker

On Day 21, we had our first challenger to summit via miles rucked. 114.31 miles on-the-dot at the end of Day 21. And he has already warned that he plans to usurp the lead in steps (stairs) climbed, as well. Exciting!

In other news, we passed 500 miles rucked as a collective!

Here are the numbers for Day 21:

Miles rucked On Day 21: 23.18 miles.

Miles Rucked Through 21 Days: 505.60 miles.

Steps (Stairs) Climbed on Day 21: 894 stairs (89.40 flights)

Steps (Stairs) Climbed Through Day 21: 58,772 stairs (5,877.20 flights)

The Daily Rankings, as I mentioned I would start sharing, are as follows:

Miles Through Day 21:

Steps (Stairs) Through Day 21:

Our first challenger to summit happened on Day 21. Who will be next???

We will find out!

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Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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