Everest in May – Day 20

If by some fiat I had to restrict all this writing to one sentence, this is the one I would choose: The summit of Mt. Everest is marine limestone.

John McPhee

For any geology nerds here, you should comprehend the meaning behind the above quote. For those that are not geology nerds, the gist of the quote is that the top of Mt. Everest was once covered in water. In other words, no matter how high you may go, there is always the chance that you could go higher. That’s my take, anyway.

Day 20 and we have our first challenger to break 100 miles. We are still moving upward and we will have more people to summit, and I am fully confident that we will have some challengers to complete the challenge of 11,431 steps (stairs) climbed and 114.31 miles rucked.

Here are the numbers for Day 20:

Miles rucked On Day 20: 28.58 miles.

Miles Rucked Through 20 Days: 482.42 miles.

Steps (Stairs) Climbed on Day 20: 2,333 stairs (233.30 flights)

Steps (Stairs) Climbed Through Day 20: 57,878 stairs (5,787.80 flights)

The Daily Rankings, as I mentioned I would start sharing, are as follows:

Miles Through Day 20:

Steps (Stairs) Through Day 20:

We had our first challenger to surpass 100 miles on Day 20, and he is within reach of the summit in miles! Will he make it on Day 21?????

We will find out!

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