This blog was started as a way for me to reintroduce adventure to my life, as a 39 year old first time Dad.  Amongst the diaper changes, play dates, and random tantrums, I realized that I was missing an integral part of myself.  I was missing the adventurous spirit I had in my youth, and wanted to get that back.  I also wanted to be a great Dad.

Going through day to day life for most of us, can make it seem like we don’t have the time or energy for our own adventures.  All of our focus is on our children or our partners or the typical concerns of a father (how to take care of our family in all ways).  However, I realized that with a little imagination and presence, I could add adventure back into the rotation without shirking any responsibilities to my family.  No guilt over taking time for myself.  As I spoke with other men and fathers about my ideas, I realized that I was not the only man who felt this need for adventure.  I recognized that there were levels of fatherhood, as well, from bad to good, weak to strong, none so much from a place of malice, but more from a viewpoint of trying to do the best we can to succeed.  To reach that highest level.  To reach Dad Level….VIKING!!!

I began to think about some of the ideas we have about the Vikings, romanticised or not.  The Vikings were adventurous, fierce, worldly, protective, and enterprising.  They took what they wanted, while taking care of their own.  They espoused loyalty and honesty in almost all known writings we have about their culture.

Why wouldn’t these be great ideas for a Dad to live by?  And not only Dads, but all men?

That is why this website exists.  That is why the Facebook group exists.  That is why I hold challenges to help promote adventure through all of my social media accounts.  I want to see men feel their own sense of accomplishment and purpose and adventurous spirit, all while leading and taking care of their loved ones and their own responsibilities in this life.

In the Norse culture, Valhalla is the place where men who have fought bravely in battle and perish, go to be united with their forebears and rejoice and prepare for the final battle that is Ragnarok.  Valhalla is a reward for living by the code that the Vikings held for themselves and each other.  Valhalla is the utmost level that we aspire to reach.

I want Dad Level Viking to be a place where men can go while living, to earn their way to Valhalla.  Share with us your struggles.  Join us in our challenges.  Contribute to the men who are with us, in the same way they will help contribute to you.


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