Everest in May – Day 10

“I would die for my child.” I believe you. But would you live for them? Would you get yourself healthy? Would you eliminate distractions? Would you lead them more intentionally? You’d only have to die once. You have to live every day. Do that.

Matt Beaudreau

Part of this challenge is for me to have some company in my own fitness challenge…getting healthy.

I’m EXTREMELY fortunate that I am as healthy as I am currently (according to the numbers anyway), but I am FAR from being functionally healthy. I need to up my game when it comes to being physically fit. It is a choice I must make EVERY day, EVERY hour, EVERY choice.

And with that thought in mind, here are the numbers for Day 10 of the Everest in May challenge!

Miles rucked On Day 10: 17.70 miles.

Miles Rucked Through 10 Days: 218.92 miles.

Steps (Stairs) Climbed on Day 10: 1,740 stairs (174.00 flights)

Steps (Stairs) Climbed Through Day 10: 29,619 stairs (2,961.90 flights)

Numbers dipped a little on Day 10. Let’s work hard to get them back up!

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Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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