Everest in May – Day 6

Had a set-back, personally, for my own miles on May 6th, but managed to get some steps in at least. More entries on the 6th as compared to the 5th, so that is a good sign that the challenge is still going strong!

Here are the numbers!

Miles rucked On Day 6: 24.51 miles.

Miles Rucked Through 6 Days: 130.76 miles. WE HAVE ACCUMULATIVELY PASSED THE 114.31 MILEAGE THRESHOLD!

Steps (Stairs) Climbed on Day 6: 1,887 stairs (188.70 flights)

Steps (Stairs) Climbed Through Day 6: 16,917 stairs (1,691.70 flights)

“I wanted something different; I wanted something that challenged me and that pushed me further. Then this idea of climbing Mount Everest came to my mind. It stuck in my head for days. Someone told me I couldn’t do it, and that really annoyed me.”

Raha Moharrak, Saudi Arabian Explorer

Make sure to check in for the next posted results as we close out Week #1!

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