Did Vikings Use Ladders?

What did the ladder say to the Step Ladder?  “You’re not my real father!”  Hahahaha….ahhhh.  I kid, but seriously, why is a ladder so often used when referring to advancement in one’s career?  Because you start at the bottom and move your way up toward your goal.  I/m sure that Vikings must have used laddersContinue reading “Did Vikings Use Ladders?”

The First Rule of Being a Viking Dad

What says Dad more than a poorly timed pun?  Two poorly timed puns.  Dad Jokes are for real, y’all.  Ready for it? “All smiles over here in the Viking Dad house. I was going to drink from my dragon’s skull, but there were a few holes in my logic. ”  Boom.  Mic drop.  Viking Dad,Continue reading “The First Rule of Being a Viking Dad”