Week 1 Results – The Fruit of No Fruit

Week 1 for my weight loss challenge was a success. 8.6 lbs lost in week 1. I had a lot of good wins, a few good losses, and a refined idea of how I will improve in Week 2. What are you guys doing to get better this week? I cut wa back on carbs,Continue reading “Week 1 Results – The Fruit of No Fruit”

Start and Stop – The Way To Get Nowhere

“Ugh.” That is what I feel every morning I wake up and step onto the scale. I have been failing in my….attempt, to lose weight.  I hesitate to use the word “attempt”, because I don’t know if what I have and have not been doing, meets the definition of the word. I am currently atContinue reading “Start and Stop – The Way To Get Nowhere”