It’s Been Awhile

And much like the band Staind, who wrote a song called “It’s Been Awhile”, I’m back. But seriously, I never left, just felt I could do better.  Have you ever felt that way? Anyway, with 2020 around the corner, and resolutions galore that will be falling by the wayside for billions of people over theContinue reading “It’s Been Awhile”

Being Prepared In The Best of Times

“Let a man never stir on his road a step without his weapons of war; for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise of a spear on the way without.” In life’s journeys, we will have moments of calm seas, and also times of crushing waves.  That’s what keeps life interesting, right?  The differenceContinue reading “Being Prepared In The Best of Times”

Self-Love: No, Not That Kind

  Why is it so difficult for most of us to give praise to ourselves?  I mean when we really deserve it. I tend to deflect any praise heaped upon me by others, because I don’t feel like I have “earned it”.  I feel like a fake.  A failure.  Which is pretty damn silly ifContinue reading “Self-Love: No, Not That Kind”

Day 8 – The Journey – Jan. 7, 2019

Day 8 looked bleak for a while. My son wouldn’t go to sleep, instead preferring to sing me the song of his people, mixed with acrobatics, feats of strength, and questionable hygiene habits. He farts. It would have been REALLY easy to just say “Eh, I’ll do it tomorrow. Or this weekend. Or next week.” Continue reading “Day 8 – The Journey – Jan. 7, 2019”

Day 6 – The Journey – Jan. 5, 2019

Day 6 saw another 12K consecutive meters rowed (at least, in one session), which was my 3rd consecutive 12K session (and 3rd overall in my lifetime!).  So, it was nice to see progression from where I started (2 sessions of 6K meters), to rowing my 3rd consecutive session of 12K meters. On the flip side,Continue reading “Day 6 – The Journey – Jan. 5, 2019”

Stoicism As A Viking Dad

Around this time last year, I was introduced to the ancient Greek/Roman philosophy of Stoicism.  And no, I am not referring to the art of staring of into the distance wistfully, as I have been asked previously.  While the word “stoic” has in recent times been thought of as a person who is emotionless, theContinue reading “Stoicism As A Viking Dad”

What’s The First Step?

Supplies may come in handy on my long voyage inside my garage…. so I figured that the best thing to do, was to start with a Ruck March from the beautiful Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway, all the way to the Viking Pub in Oslo.  After all, any voyage to the far isles ofContinue reading “What’s The First Step?”

Truth Bombs and Rowing The High Seas

So here is the deal. I am using some basic research, guesstimation, and a general “Yeah, that should be close enough” attitude, and converting that to an exercise plan.  So, not only will you receive my wonderful version of fatherly truth, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to see me transform from a heavyweight Viking,Continue reading “Truth Bombs and Rowing The High Seas”