Week 2 Route and Totals

Week 2 route and totals are in the bag.  Here they are, along with Week 1 route as a refresher, and an overall map for frame of reference. And with a little more zoom: And my Week 1 route: And now, what you have all been waiting for…. My Week 2 Route and Totals (cueContinue reading “Week 2 Route and Totals”

And On The 9th Day…

We were given 100 KMs.  And it was good. I still kind of kick myself for not pushing harder on Day 8 and reaching 100 KMs then.  I was a measly 4 KMs away.  Alas, it was not meant to be. But I did celebrate by watching a kick-ass music video from Electric Wizard, calledContinue reading “And On The 9th Day…”

Oops…Rewind: Week 1 Route and Totals

Hi….I forgot to tell you something. My Week 1 route and totals! This is a picture of Oslofjord, the Norwegian/Swedish peninsulas, and North Sea with neighboring countries. to give you a better idea of perspective:   And with a little more zoom:   Here is my route and total KMs from Week 1:   NotContinue reading “Oops…Rewind: Week 1 Route and Totals”

Day 14 – the Journey – Jan. 13, 2019

There is a song by Alan Jackson, called “Midnight in Montgomery“.  Great song, really meaningful.  The chorus, goes like this: ‘Cause it’s midnight in Montgomery, Just hear that whip-poor-will See the stars light up the purple sky, Feel that lonesome chill, ‘Cause when the wind is right, You’ll hear his song, Smell whisky in theContinue reading “Day 14 – the Journey – Jan. 13, 2019”

Day 13 – The Journey – Jan. 12, 2019

Hello darkness my old friend…. Midnight, it’s good to meet you once again…kind of..not really. Why must I punish myself so?  Seriously! I mean…I had TIME to do it earlier in the day.  But I also had excuses to hold off.  Playoff football, hosting a poker game, the constellations are in a lunar shift….one ofContinue reading “Day 13 – The Journey – Jan. 12, 2019”

Day 12 – The Journey – Jan. 11, 2019

You know that thing that people do, where they wait around the last possible minute to do something, and then it magically gets done? No? What about where you wait around to the last possible moment, and it still isn’t done, so you just quit and decide to try again the next day? Yeah, IContinue reading “Day 12 – The Journey – Jan. 11, 2019”

Day 11 – The Journey – Jan. 10, 2019

The elation of starting has worn off.  The daunting awareness of what lies ahead, creeps into my sight a little more, every single day. The only way to overcome that nagging self-doubt, is to get up, grab some water, and head on out to the Varg Barn (my garage) and commit to sweating over theContinue reading “Day 11 – The Journey – Jan. 10, 2019”

Day 10 – The Journey – Jan. 9, 2019

Day 10 was a saucy little minx.  I managed to row 6K meters straight, no rest (personal best)!  First time ever!  I even felt like I could go further! Then, technology struck. If you ever get a chance to watch Parts Unknown at, like, full speed video and 1/4 speed audio, in a dark andContinue reading “Day 10 – The Journey – Jan. 9, 2019”

Day 9 – The Journey – Jan. 8, 2019

You ever take a nap, and then wake up to feel like you are in another dimension?  Where things seem normal, but you can’t quite catch up to what’s going on, so there is a persistent itch at your mind that you have entered an alternate universe and are trying to assimilate as quickly asContinue reading “Day 9 – The Journey – Jan. 8, 2019”