It’s Been Awhile

And much like the band Staind, who wrote a song called “It’s Been Awhile”, I’m back. But seriously, I never left, just felt I could do better.  Have you ever felt that way? Anyway, with 2020 around the corner, and resolutions galore that will be falling by the wayside for billions of people over theContinue reading “It’s Been Awhile”

Week 1 Results – The Fruit of No Fruit

Week 1 for my weight loss challenge was a success. 8.6 lbs lost in week 1. I had a lot of good wins, a few good losses, and a refined idea of how I will improve in Week 2. What are you guys doing to get better this week? I cut wa back on carbs,Continue reading “Week 1 Results – The Fruit of No Fruit”

400K To Prepare For May – Day 25 (April 29th, 2019) – The End

Well, we made it to the end, Day 25.  I knew that 400K steps in 25 days, was going to be difficult.  I slacked, myself, only completing a very tiny amount over halfway. That being said, we had a lot of really great performances, including 3 finishers who surpassed 400K steps! All in all, IContinue reading “400K To Prepare For May – Day 25 (April 29th, 2019) – The End”

400K To Prepare For May – Day 24 (April 28th, 2019)

Day 24 was a drop in steps, but still in the 6 figure range…so at least there is that.  I really thought that we would top 4 million steps on Day 24, but it looks like we will save the best for the last day. We still only have one challenger at 400K, which isContinue reading “400K To Prepare For May – Day 24 (April 28th, 2019)”

400K To Prepare For May – Day 23 (April 27th, 2019)

Day 23 was our highest total day in almost a week!  Nice to see us all ending this thing VIKING STRONG! Additionally, we have our first 400K finisher!  Pramit closed the day out at 413,015 steps, once again being the first to hit a new level. Not to be outdone, Aaron had a huuuuuge day,Continue reading “400K To Prepare For May – Day 23 (April 27th, 2019)”

400K To Prepare For May – Day 22 (April 26th, 2019)

Day 22 was another day in the 120’s, which I will gladly accept! Pramit draws tortuously close to the 400K steps, goal which is freakin’ fantastic!  He will be there tomorrow, for sure.  Who will follow him onto the 400K level? Here are the results from Day 22 of the 400K To Prepare For MayContinue reading “400K To Prepare For May – Day 22 (April 26th, 2019)”

400K To Prepare For May – Day 21 (April 25th, 2019)

Empire crumbling….steps dwindling….hopes of reaching 4 million steps…dissipating. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to this great cause, please let me know…I would be happy to count your steps as well!  Share with all of your steps counting friends.  I am not picky. Here are the standings after Day 21:  Continue reading “400K To Prepare For May – Day 21 (April 25th, 2019)”

400K To Prepare For May – Day 20 (April 24th, 2019)

If you have been keeping up with the challenge, you will notice a significant drop-off as of late.  Hoping we can all pick it up and make the end of the challenge a strong one, even if we don’t hit 4 million steps. Here are the charts for Day 20:   Overall Leaders:    Continue reading “400K To Prepare For May – Day 20 (April 24th, 2019)”

400K To Prepare For May – Day 19 (April 23rd, 2019)

Life has been hectic lately, and I have let other things creep in that should not have.  Unfortunately, those new things have taken away some of my time to update the challenge for the month.  Fortunately, I have removed those items, and have removed that time loss. All that being said, the next few daysContinue reading “400K To Prepare For May – Day 19 (April 23rd, 2019)”