The Dad Level Viking Sagas

One thing that I find interesting, and disheartening, is that there is so little information that we have about the lives of the Vikings, especially written down knowledge from the source.

What we do have, is told in form of sagas, stories told to share information, history, and values, all in poetic form.

So, I got to thinking….what would the saga be for the Dad Level Viking?

Starting today, I will be exploring the creation of my own saga, for two purposes (maybe more):

  • To impart wisdom or lessons learned to others, so that maybe they will find help when facing troubled times or decisions.
  • Because, it’s cool.

As I examine my life, and the role I have of being a Dad wanting to get better, I feel like I need to start with my own habits (which vary from okay to bad).  Let us start this week with my morning routine (which is okay, if you are wondering).

Dad Level Viking – The Morning Saga


Your purpose has been awakened,

Let the darkness wait not for the sun,

Grab up your axe and take to the sea,

For there is work to be done.




What are your morning routines like?




Published by Viking Mike

Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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