The Specifics: Physical

The physicality of men is somewhat discouraged in culture today, at least the traditional ideals of physicality (fighting, fucking, and forging our way).  And, if you really draw the comparison between what I propose (living life today along the lines of the codes of Norse culture) and what the Vikings actually did (including (but not limited to) raping, pillaging, and enslaving), you may hate this ideal even more.  But that is definitely NOT the style of life I am proposing.  The Vikings weren’t perfect, and I won’t, obviously, allow those more evilpractices to occur in my own life. But the Vikings had some good ideas, and THOSE are what I hope to help shine the light on, and utilize those ideas and values to make my own life, and the lives of others, BETTER.


I believe that a good man, is also a dangerous man, but a dangerous man under control.  To be such a man, physicality is required.  And that is why it is a cornerstone I will make a primary focus of my life.


So where do I lack in physical areas of my life currently?

 When it comes to PHYSICAL EXERCISE, I don’t do near enough of it.  And I am not referring to physical exercise, merely for aesthetic purposes.  I’m talking lifting heavy weights, cracking through wood with an axe, going toe to toe with another man to see who is the stronger and more cunning specimen, etc.  These are all areas that build a competitive spirit, encourage a better attitude, and teach you that you are or are not fragile.  
 Physical Action is another area of physicality that alludes me, and most other men, as well.  I’m not thinking about exercise, but instead, more about using your body to complete tasks.  When was the last time that the sweat of your brow and the flex of your muscles, led to an improvement in your life or the life of others?  Changing your brakes on your car, or fixing the shower door, working with your hands and your legs to fix a problem.  THAT is the kind of physical action that so many men lack these days.  We will order food from a delivery app, instead of fixing our own form of sustenance.
 Physical presence, is a completely different animal than either exercise or action.  When I refer to presence, I mean being there with your family, present and accounted for.  Looking people in the eyes when you meet them.  Providing an aura of capability, to help calm and assure others.  Showing up to help a brother move, or going on an adventure in the backwoods with your pals.  We all live in segmented worlds these days, increasingly digital-centric, and we are losing an advantage that is communing with others through physical connection.  

I encourage you all to become more physical in your daily life.  I will be following up on these in the very near future, providing evidence of improvement, and also, a challenge to rise up and meet.  But for now, let me know what areas of physicality are you currently lacking?  Where do you excel?  And how did you come to a point where you excelled?

Sharing our stories, learning together, that is what being a Dad Level Viking is about.


Published by Viking Mike

Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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