DLV, The Specifics:  What Are They?

Understanding life, for a man in today’s world, is like a blind person trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle.  They may be able to complete the puzzle eventually, but they will most likely NEVER see the whole picture.

Most men today are happy enough to leave gaps in the finished puzzle.  Holes that they fill with distractions and trivialities.  They are happy enough to kind of get an idea of the total picture, through context clues and imagination, and look past the gaps, because that is what is easiest.  They make a deal to see only part of the vision, in exchange for easy work.

A Dad Level Viking is NONE of these things.  He FEELS none of these things.

A DLV member realizes that to see the whole picture, you have to go on the hunt.  You have to learn.  You have to search.  You have to have grit.  He uses tools to aid in his pursuit of completion.

Now… some of these tools are up for debate.  And as I said previously, I don’t know them all myself….yet.  But really, that is a lie.  I know what they are.  YOU, dear reader, know what they are. I just can’t properly name them… yet.

I recognize that naming the tools needed to be the best possible man that we can be, is a pursuit.  A hunt.  A trek.

And I am ready to go on that trek.

Valknut Symbol

First of all, when I look at my life, and where I feel a fundamental lacking that would benefit myself, my family, and my brothers on this trek, I think of physicality.

  • Physical EXERCISE that makes us better prepared to handle any challenge or pursuit which comes our way.
  • Physical ACTION that involves using our bodies for the betterment of ourselves through work. Maybe that action is manual labor.  Maybe it is artistic endeavors of wood working or sculpting.  Maybe it is being out in nature and improving your abilities in one form of another.
  • Physical PRESENCE. Simply being there.  Imposing when required, and comforting when needed, but being present in the lives of those who matter to you.

Secondly, mental development is an area that I feel everyone should pursue.  Education, fortitude, and enlightenment are all ways for us to strengthen our own mental states.  We must be open to new things, questioning of old things, and clear on all things.  Be wary of distractions, platitudes, and trivialities in this life, for they all dull the mind and weaken your resolve.

A DLV member’s mind should be sharp.  To sharpen a mind, it requires friction.  Going against the grain and what is comfortable, so as to further hone that which we depend upon when tough decisions are needed to be made.

  • We must treat EDUCATION as a never-ending pursuit or service. We may take a recess at times, but we shall never leave the halls of education, until we move onto the next plane and have all new opportunities for growth and expansion of our minds (metaphysically or other methodologies).  We must learn, and also teach, to reach Dad Level Viking status.
  • Putting into action, that which we learn, is also a non-negotiable for a DLV. Any good theorem must also have a test, and a result.  Reading 10,000 books is a waste of time if it leads to zero seconds of practical improvement and growth.
  • Sustainability and self-sufficiency of a man requires skills. All abstract learning is beneficial, but specific pursuit of knowledge is fundamental.  If you take not the time to learn and practice skills, you learn nothing that can be traded, bartered, employed or exchanged for value.  Know your value, prove your value, and EARN your value.

And finally, I would like to touch on spirituality.

I’m not particularly religious, nor am I anti-religion.  Even though the name Dad Level Viking suggests paganism, at least as described by more popular religions, I do not promote nor abhor the religious beliefs of the Vikings.  I like some of their idea, but the same can be said for many formal religions.

However, when I refer to spirituality, I refer more to a man’s self-made spiritual beliefs.  What sets him at ease, and puts him in commune with the powers around us on a daily basis.  When I think of spirituality, I think of a practice or set of beliefs that helps us to make sense of the world.  Some of us believe in invisible deities.  Others think of philosophy as a spiritual tool.  Whatever it is for you that helps you make sense of this giant universe, that is the spirituality of a Dad Level Viking.

  • We must use our spirituality to help center our mind, and calm our emotions. Let the guiding principles, as you see fit, help reassure you in times of doubt and uncertainty.  Use that reassurance to make logical decisions in your everyday life.
  • There are a million different potential sources of spirituality. If it is Christianity for you, great.  If it is Stoicism, that’s great to.  But whatever it may be, keep an OPEN MIND.  Listen to the little voices of this world and existence, and do not cower behind dogmatic rules.  Learn from all, use the best options that suit YOU.  Be not a clone.
  • Practice makes perfect, and that goes for spirituality as well. I’ve never surfed a day in my life, but people who love surfing, would probably describe it as a spiritual experience.  But if you don’t practice at surfing, you aren’t getting the full experience, therefore, robbing you of the maximum spirituality of the method.  If prayer is your spirituality, practice it daily.  Make it more than common.  Make it a skill, a pursuit, a way to rise above.  Same goes for whatever it is that brings you spiritual growth.  No judgements here.

I know that this post was a bit long-winded, but I will be breaking down each of the three areas of what I want DLV to focus on, in the coming days.  These may be the final 3 areas of focus.  Maybe not.  But I will continue to search for the next horizon, in calm or stormy seas.  And I will reach shore, to explore new worlds.


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