Calm Before The Life Changing Storm

08312019_Calm Before The Storm

The calm before the storm.

The day before a change.

Tomorrow begins a long slog upwards toward the summit of what I can achieve.  A journey of improvement.  A pinnacle of self-reliance.

I don’t know why I am so sure that “this time is different”.  Why I have failed in other attempts to get on the right path, and failed…quit…gave up.

There is a certain steeleyness in me now, is all I can say.  As if I have glimpsed the downward slide into oblivion, this world of inadequacy and failure and self-loathing, and know that it isn’t for me.

There are other worlds than this.  And I aim to explore every one.

Tomorrow, we climb upwards.


Join us.

Published by Viking Mike

Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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