400K To Prepare For May – Day 25 (April 29th, 2019) – The End

Well, we made it to the end, Day 25.  I knew that 400K steps in 25 days, was going to be difficult.  I slacked, myself, only completing a very tiny amount over halfway. That being said, we had a lot of really great performances, including 3 finishers who surpassed 400K steps!

All in all, I would say that the challenge in April was a success.  So, without further ado, I give you the final data for Day 25, and the overall challenge.

Total Steps for Day 25:  205,199

Total Steps Over 25 Days:  4,438,483

Participants for Day 25:  14

Day 25 Daily Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom

Leaders for Day 25 were:

1.  Jorel Gilbert –  Super impressive grit in this guy!

  • 25,255 steps on Day 25.
  • Exercise for Day 24:  Shadow Boxing

2.  Aaron Smischney – Finishing out STRONG!

  • 23,525 steps on Day 25.
  • Exercise for Day 25:  Weight Training

3.  Joe Aagard – Back in the top 3!

  • 22,430 steps on Day 25.
  • Exercise for Day 25:  Rucking Squats

The overall standings at the end of the Challenge, are below:

Day 25 Overall Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom

Overall Leaders After Day 25:

1.  Pramit Baul – In the overall lead for a VERY impressive 10 consecutive days!

  • 447,680 steps to close out

2.  Matthew Halk – Saved the best for last to break 400K!

  • 413,162 steps to close out

3.  Jorel Gilbert – My man made it VERY interesting at the wire, but couldn’t QUITE catch up to Matt.

  • 410,429 steps to close out

The remaining challengers finished with the following steps:

4th Place:  Ryan Gillett – 346,974 steps
5th Place:  John Winsborough – 334,717 steps
6th Place:  Aaron Smischney – 329,410 steps
7th Place:  Dustin Charbonnet – 320,702 steps
8th Place:  Nicolas Bean – 291,605 steps
9th Place:  Jeff Bennett – 263,741 steps
10th Place:  Joe Aagard – 254,770 steps
11th Place:  David Ford – 241,086 steps
12th Place:  Mike Denmon – 200,039 steps
13th Place:  Nick Martinson – 140,974 steps
14th Place:  Jim Mahan – 130,188 steps
15th Place:  James Patterson – 121,521 steps
16th Place:  David Yancey – 101,595 steps
17th Place:  Nick Hyllestad – 67,000 steps
18th Place:  Jarrett Harris – 22,890 steps





Our participation rage varied from day to day, and it was hard to keep a really accurate graph during the challenge, because people would sometimes post their steps a couple of days (sometimes weeks) late.

  • We averaged 14 participants per day
  • We had 18 total participants over the 25 days

Daily Challengers_400K To Prepare For May - Final_PhotoShop




Steps Per Day

The steps per day also seemed to vary, and not necessarily in accordance with reduced or increased participation counts, which was kind of strange.

  • Maximum daily step count of 230, 468 steps
  • Minimum daily step count of 140,012 steps
  • Average steps per day was 177,539 steps

Daily Steps_400K To Prepare For May - Final_PhotoShop




The Climb To 4 Million + Steps

The final numbers, while not quite as high as the 5 million steps I was HOPING for, 4 million steps in 25 days is still pretty impressive.  We definitely would have reached 5 million if we had went the full 30 days of April.  There’s always next time!

  • Total Steps:  4,438,483
  • Average Steps Per Challenger:  246,582
  • 400K Finishers:  3
  • Maximum Individual Steps For The Challenge:  447,680 steps (Pramit Baul)
  • Maximum Individual Steps For One Day:  32,918 steps (Aaron Smischney)


I will probably come up with more stats to share, but for now, my wife is looking at me with purpose, which means it is time to take our son for a walk.

The purpose of this challenge, was to get people moving AND exercising.  One thing that I didn’t really share in the daily updates, was the type of exercises that people were doing.  Anywhere from weight training, to bodyweight exercises, to building fence, boxing, and dancing.  I will probably share this in another post, when I have time to collate all of the data into something that seems interesting.

For now, I will go do what this challenge was intended to do.  I will get up, and get moving.

Thanks for following along!  And sincere thanks to everyone who put in the work on the daily to get their steps and exercise in, and make this challenge such a success.




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