400K To Prepare For May – Day 23 (April 27th, 2019)

Day 23 was our highest total day in almost a week!  Nice to see us all ending this thing VIKING STRONG!

Additionally, we have our first 400K finisher!  Pramit closed the day out at 413,015 steps, once again being the first to hit a new level.

Not to be outdone, Aaron had a huuuuuge day, setting a new single day record with 32,918 steps, while completing a GORUCK altitude challenge, to boot.  Out-freaking-standing!

Here are the results from Day 23 of the 400K To Prepare For May Challenge:

Total Steps for Day 23:  159,157

Total Steps so far:  3,892,462

Participants for Day 23:  10

Day 23 Daily Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom

Leaders for Day 23 were:

1.  Aaron Smischney –  Breaking records wherever he goes, even his own!

  • 32,918 steps on Day 23.
  • Exercise for Day 23:  GORUCK Altitude Challenge

2.  John Winsborough – Making another appearance on the leaderboard, all while lifting weights and clearing brush.

  • 21,345 steps on Day 23.
  • Exercise for Day 23:  Clearing brush

3.  Pramit Baul – Taking it easy on all of us with ONLY 20K steps on the day…

  • 20,466 steps on Day 23.
  • Exercise for Day 23:  No exercise

The overall standings so far, are below:

Day 23 Overall Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom

Overall Leaders After Day 23:

1.  Pramit Baul – First to 400K!!!  Congrats!

  • 413,015 steps so far

2.  Matthew Halk – Will Matt reach 400K in one more day??? (yep…still rhyming)

  • 380,172 steps so far

3.  Jorel Gilbert – Hanging tough in 3rd, and REFUSES to leave the leaderboard!

  • 366,539 steps so far

How many of us will break the 400K barrier?  My money is on 3….could I be proven wrong?

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