400K To Prepare For May – Day 22 (April 26th, 2019)

Day 22 was another day in the 120’s, which I will gladly accept!

Pramit draws tortuously close to the 400K steps, goal which is freakin’ fantastic!  He will be there tomorrow, for sure.  Who will follow him onto the 400K level?

Here are the results from Day 22 of the 400K To Prepare For May Challenge:

Total Steps for Day 22:  123,538

Total Steps so far:  3,733,305

Participants for Day 22:  10

Day 22 Daily Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom

Leaders for Day 22 were:

1.  Jorel Gilbert –  Taking a 1st place finish on his road to recovery!

  • 17,185 steps on Day 22.
  • Exercise for Day 22:  No Exercise

2.  Dustin Charbonnet – Back on the leaderboard!

  • 16,100 steps on Day 22.
  • Exercise for Day 22:  Body Weight Exercises

3.  Mike Denmon – How about that?!? I made the leaderboard!

  • 15,829 steps on Day 22.
  • Exercise for Day 22:  Burpees

The overall standings so far, are below:

Day 22 Overall Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom

Overall Leaders After Day 22:

1.  Pramit Baul – 400K ios but a whisper away…yeah, I rhymed on purpose.

  • 392,549 steps so far

2.  Matthew Halk – Fairly comfortable lead in 2nd place…but not TOO comfortable.

  • 364,651 steps so far

3.  Jorel Gilbert – Valiant comeback attempt in the works…can he get back into 2nd place?

  • 354,820 steps so far

Looking forward to the next barrier to be broken, 400K steps!

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