400K To Prepare For May – Day 10 (April 14th, 2019)

Day 10 had a sharp decline in participants and total steps.  Must have just been one of those days for most guys.  On the bright side, we are probably only one day away from reaching 2 million steps!  Not bad for 11 days…we will see, though.

Here are the results from Day 10 of the 400K To Prepare For May Challenge:

Total Steps for Day 10:  153,430

Total Steps so far:  1,911,873

Participants for Day 10:  13

Day 10 Daily Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom


Leaders for Day 10 were:

1.  Aaron Smischney – Back in 1st Place for the day, after a brief absence!

  • 20,268 steps on Day 10.
  • Exercise for Day 10:  Coupon Carry with his friend, Mr. Kettle Bell!

2.  David Ford – Came back for seconds with his 2nd consecutive day on the Top 3 Leaderboard!

  • 19,730 steps on Day 10.
  • Exercise for Day 10:  DDP Yoga

3.  John Winsborough – 3rd day on the Top 3 Leaderboard, and I think he likes it!

  • 17,804 steps on Day 10.
  • Exercise for Day 10:  Push-Ups and KB Swings


The overall standings so far, are below:

Day 10 Overall Leaders_ID_Logo_PS_Zoom


Overall Leaders After Day 10:

1.  Pramit Baul – There he goes again on his own…

  • 179,783 steps so far

2.  Jorel Gilbert – Still there at 2nd place!

  • 169,827 steps so far

3.  Matthew Halk – 3rd belongs to Matt…for now!

  • 157,325 steps so far

So close to 2 million steps….I’m thinking we will break 4 million before the end of the challenge on April 29th.  What do you think?  Want to bet on it?

Then put your steps where your mouth is!  Join us, help us make it happen!!

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