Beware The Miles of March – Day 30 Standings

On Day 30, we had only 6 participants, who walked, ran, rowed, mountain biked, or rucked, 34.17 miles, bringing the monthly total to 1,708.30 miles.

It’s almost over…and some people seem to think it is already over.

Joe and Tom have settled on a tie for first place.  Disappointing, but they both worked so hard, and put up so many miles, that it was wearing on their home life, and it is understandable that they wanted to come to an agreement to stop their competitive juices from causing problems or potential injury.  They both surpassed their limits that they had set in their minds, so hats off to them.

Now they just have to fight over who gets the free shirt…lol.

One day left.  Hoping we reach 1800 miles total.

Day 30, Top 3:

1.  Joe Aagard – 250.63 total miles (0.00 miles on Day 30)
1.  Tom Kingwell – 250.63 total miles (0.11 miles on Day 30)
3.  John Davies – 160.71 miles (5.33 miles on Day 30)

What have you done today that you can be proud of?

How have you challenged yourself?

Day 30 Graph with LogoDay 30 Top 10

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