Beware The Miles of March – Day 29 Standings

On Day 29, we had 8 participants, who walked, ran, rowed, mountain biked, or rucked, 44.63 miles, bringing the monthly total to 1,674.13 miles.

Nicolas Bean made it onto the 100 mile club, as he has been doing some really solid work as of late to make it there before the deadline!

John Davies became the 3rd participant to break 150 miles, so congrats to him as well.

Two days left.  Hoping we reach 1800 miles total.

Day 29, Top 3:

1.  Joe Aagard – 250.63 total miles (0.00 miles on Day 29)
2.  Tom Kingwell – 250.52 total miles (0.03 miles on Day 29)
3.  John Davies – 155.38 miles (7.64 miles on Day 29)

What have you done today that you can be proud of?

How have you challenged yourself?

Day 29 Graph with LogoDay 29 Top 10

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