Beware The Miles of March – Day 26 Standings

On Day 26, we had 14 participants, who walked, ran, rowed, mountain biked, or rucked, 98.18 miles, bringing the monthly total to 1,549.79 miles.

That 98 + miles in one day, is a new one-day record for the challenge!

Tom held on to first place for the 13th consecutive day, putting up a new one day individual record of 26.09 miles in one day…JUST SHORT OF A MARATHON DISTANCE.  He managed the miles as a combination of running, walking, and mountain biking.

Joe put up a huge day of his own, but still managed to fall further back due to Tom’s 26 + mile output.  I thought that they would go softly into the night, but it looks like neither Joe nor Tom are ready to let up yet.  They both want first place…but who will have it on the last day?  Joe does have a slight advantage seeing as he is in a later time zone than Tom….

This huge day from Tom also means that he was the first challenger to 250 miles!  I never would have imagined that many miles being put up by even ONE person, but Tom has done it, and Joe will be there as well, I feel quite certain.

John Davies is quickly approaching the 150 mile mark, as he widens the gap between 3rd and 4th.

Day 26, Top 3:

1.  Tom Kingwell – 250.49 total miles (26.09 miles on Day 26)
2.  Joe Aagard – 239.82 total miles (20.34 miles on Day 26)
3.  John Davies – 143.27 miles (19.96 miles on Day 26)

What have you done today that you can be proud of?

How have you challenged yourself?

Day 26 Graph with LogoDay 26 Top 10

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