Beware The Miles of March – Day 22 Standings

On Day 22, we had 10 participants, who walked, ran, rowed, mountain biked, or rucked, 77.25 miles, bringing the monthly total to 1,252.11 miles.

Tom held on to first place for the 9th consecutive day, and managed to widen the gap a bit, not by miles on the day, but by a mile correction.  There were 2 mile logs that had not previously been accounted for, and after a review, an additional 5.34 miles was added to Tom’s total.  Couple that with a 15 mile day, and Tom managed to squeak ahead a little further.  But Joe won’t take that sitting down, and I am sure that he will come back with some even greater numbers!  But can he catch Tom?

Also of note, is that Tom is now less than 2 miles from breaking the 200 mile threshold, and will no doubt make it over on Day 23.  Where will he stop???  Joe should manage to break the 200 mile marker over the weekend as well, weather and body willing.  Stay tuned for more.

Additionally, we had our 4th member join the 100 mile club, Mr. John Davies!  John is gunning for 3rd place, so Jeff better watch out!

Day 22, Top 4 (including 4th place because the race for 3rd is getting hot!):

1.  Tom Kingwell – 198.79 total miles (15.05 miles on Day 22)
2.  Joe Aagard – 186.71 total miles (17.22 miles on Day 22)
3.  Jeff Bennett – 110.43 miles (8.30 miles on Day 22)
4.  John Davies – 103.79 miles (17.23 miles on Day 22)

What have you done today that you can be proud of?

How have you challenged yourself?

Day 22 Graph with Logo

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