The 1,000 Mile Barrier Has Fallen

1000 Miles IG


A mere 18 days into the “Beware The Miles of March” challenge, and we are already over 1,000 miles.  9 miles over, to be exact.  With 13 days to go, I am pushing for 1,700 miles total.

Can we do it?  Time will tell.

I know we can.  But will we?

Many thanks to all participants so far.  This has been a lot of fun.

If anyone reading this wants to jump in on the fun, up until 11:59 PM your time, here are the rules:

  1. Walk, run, ruck, hike, row, or mountain bike, as many miles as you can in the remaining 13 days.
    • Rowing miles only count for half, and must be nautical miles.  Only Ergs count.
    • Mountain biking only counts for half, and must have significant elevation changes noted.
  2. Take a photo or link, and share with me in some way.  Tag me on your website, tag me on Instagram, etc.  Be creative.
  3. Photo MUST SHOW DATE AND TIME of the miles.
  4. I log whatever qualifies, and add you to the graph.


Winner at the end of March 31st, gets a t-shirt from me.  So don’t sleep on this opportunity.

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