Beware The Miles of March – Day 6 Standings

On Day 6, we had 13 participants, who walked, ran, rowed, mountain biked, or rucked, 71.88 miles, bringing the monthly total to 355.22 miles.

 to Joe Aagard for taking over the lead for the first time, on Day 6!

Day 6, Top 3:

1.  Joe Aagard – 46.67 total miles (9.89 miles on Day 6)
2.  Jeff Bennett – 44.37 total miles (3.37 miles on Day 6)
3.  Tom Kingwell – 41.20 miles (10.23 miles on Day 6)

Congrats to Aaron Smischney for breaking the single day mileage record, previously set by Joe Aagard (14.03 miles).  Aaron made moves with his first entry in the month, rucking 22.13 miles in one day!  Outstanding!

What have you done today that you can be proud of?

How have you challenged yourself?

Day 6 Graph with Logo

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