Day 12 – The Journey – Jan. 11, 2019

You know that thing that people do, where they wait around the last possible minute to do something, and then it magically gets done?


What about where you wait around to the last possible moment, and it still isn’t done, so you just quit and decide to try again the next day?

Yeah, I thought that one might sound more familiar.

Luckily for me, that wasn’t quite the case for me on Day 12.  I did wait until the last possible moment, but then I went out there and got it done.

Maybe Week 2 is just Procrastination Week.

Here’s to hoping that’s the case, and Week 3 will be better.

Here are my photos of Day 12’s pseudo journey.

day 12 route_actual
This was the route I took for Day 12, from the island of Torkildsøy, to the island of Vestre Bramskjær.
day 12 start
My starting point of Day 12, the island of Torkildsøy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a slide show of the close-ups I took of the route I travelled on Day 12, 13 pictures in total.

day 12 end
This was my ending point for Day 12, the island of Vestre Bramskjær.  It’s basically just a rock.  If I had actually camped there, it would have been a pretty boring night, I’m guessing.

At the end of Day 12, I have travelled the following measures:

Distance:  144,291 meters

Time:  11 hours, 27 minutes, and 49.1 seconds

Day 12 had me travelling from the small island of  Torkildsøy to the small island (giant rock) of Vestre Bramskjær. Not much to see, not much to do, just to think about the next day’s row…and how I should get started a little earlier in the day.


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