Day 8 – The Journey – Jan. 7, 2019

Day 8 looked bleak for a while. My son wouldn’t go to sleep, instead preferring to sing me the song of his people, mixed with acrobatics, feats of strength, and questionable hygiene habits.

He farts.

It would have been REALLY easy to just say “Eh, I’ll do it tomorrow. Or this weekend. Or next week.”  After all, I had to be up in about 5 hours for a morning call. Who would blame me for skipping those meters and catching those Zzzs?

I would.  I would blame me.  Because going the easy route wasn’t what I committed to.

I’ve committed to multiple teams, and I have made my goals public, all things that would be hard to live down if I shirked my commitments.  But more importantly, I have committed to myself. To get better. Mentally, physically, and any other –ally that may apply.

So, instead of snuggling in for a long and restful sleep, I got up, changed my clothes, and went to the garage where Varg awaited me.  There was work to do, and it wouldn’t get done without me being there to do it.

In short, find your own reason “why” to get off the couch in this life.  Your own vision, that you can commit to, no matter how big or unimportant it may be to others. And then, put in the work to make it a reality. That’s how you get ahead in life.

Here are my pics from Day 8.

day 8 route_actual
This was the route I took for Day 8, from the island of Torgersøya, to the island of Tjøme.
day 8 start
My starting point of Day 8, the island of Torgersøya.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a slide show of the close-ups I took of the route I travelled on Day 8, 12 pictures in total.

day 8 end
This was my ending point for Day 8, a small cove on the island of Tjøme, which was apparently the childhood holiday destination of Roald Dahl.  Pretty cool!

At the end of Day 8, I have travelled the following measures:

Distance:  96,205 meters

Time:  7 hours, 37 minutes, and 27.1 seconds

Day 8 had me travelling to the small island of Tjøme, which was apparently the childhood holiday destination of Roald Dahl.  Which leads me to a quote that I think all Viking Level Dads should keep in mind when living their lives and inspiring their children:

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” – Roald Dahl


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