Day 6 – The Journey – Jan. 5, 2019

Day 6 saw another 12K consecutive meters rowed (at least, in one session), which was my 3rd consecutive 12K session (and 3rd overall in my lifetime!).  So, it was nice to see progression from where I started (2 sessions of 6K meters), to rowing my 3rd consecutive session of 12K meters.

On the flip side, I am growing weary.  Not to the point of giving up.  Not even close.

But, I may want to look at varying up my increments, because an hour straight (more than an hour counting breaks) is tough on the shoulders, biceps, and more importantly, my mind.

Luckily enough, I have a TV and a Netflix account, which allows me to watch some entertainment while rowing.  May be cheating, but then again, I figure if I was doing this journey in real life, I would see many more interesting things than there are in my garage.

So, take your wins where you get them.

Day 6 photos are below.

day 6 route_actual
This was the route I took for Day 6, from the island of Vealøs, to the city of Tønsberg.
day 6 start
My starting point of Day 6, the island of Vealøs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a slide show of the close-ups I took of the route I travelled on Day 6, 15 pictures total.

day 6 end
This was my ending point for Day 6, a little jut of land off of the coastline in the city of Tønsberg.  I would have preferred to land a little further south on the coast, but due to proximity or reasonable inhabitable land for me to dock and make camp at, this is where I decided upon.

At the end of Day 6, I have travelled the following measures:

Distance:  72,180 meters

Time:  5 hours, 42 minutes, and 28.9 seconds

I have to say, that Day 6 was really tough.  I didn’t even get to start on it until 1:00 AM on the morning of Day 7, but since I had not been to sleep yet, I am still counting it as Day 6 rowing.

Having a 1-year-old son who thinks it would be a great idea to recreate the badass scenes from Conan The Barbarian, 3 hours past his bedtime, makes for difficulty in rowing.  At this point, if I have a missed day of rowing, I think it more likely to be caused by poor scheduling on my part, than an unwillingness to do the work.

Never underestimate the importance of scheduling in time for yourself to do the things you are passionate about.  An empty tank doesn’t get anybody, anywhere.

Comments are appreciated, and please share with anyone who might be interested in following my travels, so to speak.


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