Day 3 – The Journey – Jan. 2, 2019

Day 3 of the journey was easier than it had felt like on Day 2.  I still delayed the start time for the first leg of my rowing, but when I did get out there, I felt lighter, if that’s possible.  My arms didn’t feel as heavy.  The sweat felt earned, instead of being a byproduct of being out of shape.  I followed up with Leg #2 later in the evening, but still before my normal bed time, so that was a positive.

I broke the rowing up into 2 legs because 6,000 meters seems hard enough, why push even harder and go for more than 6K?  I settled, honestly.  If I can do 6K, I’m good, I tell myself.

Do you limit your own beliefs in this way?

I watched more TV as I rowed, because let’s be honest, one of the toughest parts of rowing long distances on a rower in a garage, is staying out of your own mind.  I watched the late Anthony Bourdain lead us through a delectable trail of wonderful locations around the globe, sharing insight, wisdom, and some really tasty looking food.  Watching these past episodes of his show Parts Unknown, I find myself thinking about his last act, and wondering if he was struggling even back then.

I have many struggles, but my main struggle I choose for right now, is to just keep rowing.  Thanks Dory.

My breakdown of rowing for the day, was as follows:

6 intervals, 1,000 meters each, with one minute of rest between intervals.  This is down from 1-1/2 minutes I was taking previously.  Any progress is good progress, right?

All in all, the day went well, I felt accomplished when complete, and I progressed on my path to where I want to be.

Here are the pictures from my Day 3 travels.

day 3 route_actual
This was the route I took for Day 3, from the island of Nordre Håøya, in the Oslofjord inlet, to the municipality of Hurum.
day 3 start
My starting point of Day 3, the western side of Nordre Håøya island.  I stopped here the previous day, in part, due to the shallow and rocky shoreline that would be easy to navigate for making landfall and setting off on the next leg.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a slide show of the close-ups I took of the route I travelled on Day 3, 10 pictures total.

day 3 end
This was my ending point for Day 3, the east coast of the municipality of Hurum.  I may have shorted myself with the straight left angle path from Oslofjord to the coast, but I didn’t see any other suitable coastline for my next stop, within the distance travelled.  Plus, the houses in this area look nice.  Should be a safe place.

At the end of Day 3, I have travelled the following measures:

Distance:  36,129 meters

Time:  2 hours, 51 minutes, and 44.0 seconds

If you want to see the PM3 photos of my distances and times, head over to my Instagram account.  I look forward to providing a lot more info and ideas with you all!

Remember to comment if you would like to add anything, and please share with anyone who might benefit from my travels, so to speak.


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