The Calm Before The Storm

The house is quiet. The sun is still sleeping, along with my wife, my son, and my dogs.

I woke up at 4:30 AM, no alarm, just awake, with nervous anticipation.

Tomorrow, I start my quest of rowing 1,000,000 meters (1,000 KMs) in just 12 weeks time. My rowing machine sits silent, prepared for the journey ahead, resting in the cool and dark garage.

Today, I sit preparing. But also, asking myself questions. Can I do it? Will I do it? The dark scourge that is self-doubt, creeps in at all times of the day. I must harden myself against such doubt. I am committed, and the darkness will not seize hold of me and my goal. I think about the tsk at hand, and imagine what it will feel like:

I can hear the waves.

I can taste the salty spray.

I can feel the blisters rising on my hand, like an old friend who loves to see me work hard.

I smile, and get back to work preparing.

I’m ready.

Published by Viking Mike

Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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