APFT in September-ee

You know who probably knows a thing or two about physical fitness?

US soldiers.

So, when in Rome….

I initiated a challenge to several of my friends and some random people, to perform a baseline test of the Armed Physical Fitness Test (APFT), spend 4 weeks getting better, and then re-take the test to see how you have improved.  All of this will take place in September, hence, the title of APFT in September-ee…it rhymes.  And, we just finished with Day 4.

APFT Day 4

The beauty about this challenge, is that anyone can participate, and everyone has an opportunity to win.

How so, you ask?  Especially if your idea of exercise is celebrating a touchdown scored by your favorite team on Sunday?

Well, let me tell you “How so”.  Because this challenge is built on progress.  I barely broke 32 minutes in my 2 mile run/hustle/walk/cry method.  But you know what?  I have 28 days to improve my time, earning points with all the work I put in to win that improvement.  And, the scoring system is scaled.  The more you progress, the more work to get that progress, the more points you score.

So even someone like me, who isn’t an expert in fitness but has the drive to get into shape so I can live like a Viking Dad would, has a chance to win.

But you know what is even greater?  Seeing 26 other people getting out there and working toward a goal, instead of sitting on the couch.

You can find out more info if you like, over at our Dad Level: Viking group page at the following link:  Dad Level: Viking Facebook Group


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Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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