Rich Like A Viking

One would assume that the Vikings got rich off of pillaging, stealing the good stuff, selling slaves.  And one would be correct, at least partially.  They were also great traders, producing items in their neck of the woods (like iron) and then trading it with other settlements, either in the North Lands or as far south as Northern Africa.  They diversified.  Which is something I am looking to do.


  • Dad Wealth:  Finances are okay, but they could definitely be better.  I think that comfort (and I’m not talking “Ferrari comfort”, more like “the electricity should stay on all month comfort”) can be placating enough to kill the drive to accomplish more.  I am an avowed capitalist, but not someone who puts everything else in my life behind the attainment of 3 more zeros and a n extra comma in my bank statement balance.  I have an urge to do more than what I am currently doing in my area of work at the moment, so improvement of finances is something that would seriously assist that possibility of doing what I love.  I need to diversify, like the Vikings.
  • Viking Wealth:  The communities were generally working together to gain wealth for their area leader, wealth that they shared in, through community feasts, support, and also, the actual spoils of the raids that they may have performed.  Most of them also farmed or raised animals or fished to get food, supplies, or money.  One of their reasons for heading to the West to raid, was because they were tired of raiding local areas where the people were just as poor as them.  The yearning for more land, land that could be farmed, was also a big driver.  Short of being an Earl or some other form of chieftain,  the only way that an individual could increase their wealth was through raiding rich areas, increasing their land area, or travelling further distances and trading with distant cultures.

Any other ideas on how the Vikings had the right idea when it came to growing wealth?  Please share them in the comments below!


Published by Viking Mike

Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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