Did Vikings Use Ladders?

What did the ladder say to the Step Ladder?  “You’re not my real father!”  Hahahaha….ahhhh.  I kid, but seriously, why is a ladder so often used when referring to advancement in one’s career?  Because you start at the bottom and move your way up toward your goal.  I/m sure that Vikings must have used ladders for storming castles and such, but I wonder how they considered their own “career” advancement?


  • Dad Career:  I have been in the same field for a little over 18 years.  The career has been lucrative, but also stressful at times, and I find that I am losing interest.  My drive to rise through the ranks has been lost.  This could partially be because I am feeling a little lost at this time in my life and career (middle age crisis?), or because I just don’t feel challenged.  Either way, it definitely isn’t the love of my life, as far as skills to get paid money for goes.  I view myself as a creative, and my current career just feels like I am filling time until I die.  So, yeah…may be time to do something different.
  • Viking Career:  I don’t believe that Vikings, or at least the Vikings we think of, had “careers” so to speak.  I am sure that some of them had skills that they excelled at, such as metalsmithing, or farming, or ship building.  But the Vikings I am most interested in, historically factual or not, were the ones who raided, who explored, who took what they wanted and brought the spoils home.  It could be said that maybe they preferred to be home weaving on a loom, but raiding is what brought wealth to them and their family, but I also think that to them, raiding and fighting and conquering is what made the Gods happy, so to speak.  Living a good Viking life was critical to making it into Valhalla.  Challenging yourself in life or death situations was one way of living the good Viking life.

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Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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