Why a Viking?

As a child of the video game era, (if you are reading this in the future, I am from a time before computers and robots bent on world domination started playing human games), leveling up seems to be in my regular vocabulary, having used it for various reasons, even before hipsters.  As a new Dad (2 weeks as of this posting!), it only makes sense to try to structure the challenges of being a new parent, into a fun and exciting game format.  At least it seems like it may be fun.  May just be the sleep deprivation talking.

This is a pretty big transition period in my life.  As a 39-year-old (former) world traveler, sleeping in 30 second increments and trying to change diapers without gagging (spoiler alert….I failed) is extremely new for me.  That doesn’t mean I have any regrets though.  While I cannot say that I enjoy poopy diapers, I get a kick out of hanging out with the little guy, and can’t wait to teach him all the things that he should know as he grows.  One problem though… What should I use as a guide on my path to being a great Dad?

I considered all of the games I played growing up, and none of them really scratched the itch of what I felt would be a great starter pack to being a Dad.  You know, get me up and running in the game while I learned the controls and menu options (or looked online for cheat codes).  But then, as I scratched my beard, I thought about the Vikings.  I considered the stories (sagas) they told.  I considered their family unit.  Their drive to explore.  And yes, their urge to pillage and burn villages.  All combined, it seemed like a great game to play, except with real consequences… so no burning villages.

This blog is my attempt to reach Viking Level in the Game of Dad.  Feel free to pick up a control and be Player 2 on this epic journey into fatherhood.  Mature Audiences only.


1_Viking Warrior1_PS4 Controller1_Lil Viking



Published by Viking Mike

Just a dude trying to get to Valhalla while raising a good lil' Viking.

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